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16 May
EazyCity in the Echo

EazyCity celebrated its 10th Birthday

EazyCity celebrates 10 Years in Business!

The EazyCity Team celebrated, together with partners, collaborators and friends, its 10 years in business at the Cork Opera House on the 1st of May.

It was the occasion to delve into the past and take some time to view what has been accomplished since the launch of the company. Everything started from a simple (and great) idea in 2004 and today EazyCity welcomes more than 2000 people a year coming from all over the World.

It was the occasion to thank all the people involved in this adventure so far and those who are still contributing to the growth of EazyCity.

A decennial growth that is not going to stop

The event was also an occasion to talk about the future. Today EazyCity has 3 offices in two countries (Ireland and UK) and provides services in 5 different cities (Cork, Dublin, London, Edinburgh and Galway), but of course the directors Enrico Zoppi and Julia Lynes want to “keep going” and aim even further.

USA? Why not! EazyCity will soon starting doing business across the Atlantic, in New York City and Miami.

A very special thanks to all the clients that appreciated the EazyCity service and allowed the company to grow and expand abroad. We hope you had/have/will have a wonderful experience with us.

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16 Apr

A Giant internet cable to connect Cork to Europe

The company Sea Fibre Network proposed to construct a giant underwater cable to link Cork to Great Britain. Today, all Cork Internet communication is travelling through the underwater cable that links Dublin to HolyHead (Wales).

The new underwater cable will accelerate all Internet connections and it will also help to secure the communication and the data exchange of the big IT companies in Cork.

This cable will increase the attractiveness of the city regarding the IT firms that wish to implant a new office in Europe. With such a new infrastructure we are wondering which new big multinational will join companies such as Trend Micro, Apple and EMC in the rebel city.

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11 Mar

Cork greets a new IT company

For years Cork has been hosting big IT companies, such as Apple and IBM, but now a new enterprise is in town: VCE Vision software, an advance software society has decided to open a new site in Cork with the slogan “Opportunity happens here”.

The company, recently founded from the union of four distinguished software and computer firms, is growing very fast. VCE wants to invest a great amount of resource in its new venue and aims to create 150 new jobs by 2015.

At the moment there are open positions as engineers and technical writers and the official site is always up date with new opportunities.

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